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My character is the bank deputy director. The character that I’m envious of … is Eunhyuk’s ‘bull fighter’!
Even if I perform 100 times, it still doesn’t feel real, to perform 100 concerts with members it feels miraculous, I’ve also accumulated many memories it makes me very happy.

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[trans] Arrived at Jeju-do (.) Because I didn’t sleep well, I look a little swollen. http://instagram.com/p/sbFj8GIHFC

Because I think maybe I'm failing at this - does Wiki Cafe is Sungmin's? Since when?

idk if Sungmin literally owns Wiki Cafe as in it’s his name on the papers but Wiki cafe is run by Lee Sungmin’s family ^^ it is just new maybe some weeks ago ^^

Gift Ideas For Your Special Someone



Gifts are tokens of appreciation for someone special. Whether it be for an anniversary or birthday, you want to make sure that you have found the perfect gift for them. Gifts are not mandatory, but a well-thought out gift makes all the difference. Here are some awesome gift ideas:

Gift Ideas For Your Special Someone


Stuck on a great gift idea? Here’s a list of ideas for you! Gift Ideas For Your Special Someone

'kyakyakya ♥ please be happy ♥’

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